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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sachin Karpe guides us for Network Marketing

Sachin Karpe is involved in Network marketing since 1999 and has vast experience in the same to share with the readers.

There are so many multilevel promotion organizations out there, how do you know which one to join? Well, just like any other company, due persistence on your aspect is necessary in assessing the company. Do not get found up in the pleasure and sentiment of a display, even though that is what they want you to do.
The following are some common suggestions to use when assessing a multilevel promotion company. They are not definite rules; for example, sometimes getting began with a youthful company is value it if it suits all the other suggestions. Sachin Karpe Says, However, I believed it would be beneficial for you to understand some excellent features of the top multilevel promotion organizations so that you can create an knowledgeable choice regarding with which company you would like to begin, proceed, or increase your multilevel promotion profession.

The multilevel promotion company should be in company for at least ten decades. I began with this suggestions first because this is the ideal example of a guide that is not set in stone. There is a certain satisfaction in getting engaged in a company with a excellent monitor record; you know that if you be a aspect of their company, your financial commitment will most likely be a excellent one because they aren't going anywhere soon. I can tell you that one company I am engaged in has been around for 27 decades, so I know they are reliable and I had no concerns getting engaged in their company. I can also tell you that I am engaged in another company that has only been around for two years; however, I am assured they will be one of those organizations that will one day fit this classification, because they meet all of the other suggestions that adhere to says Sachin Karpe. Keep in mind this fact: at one factor, EVERY multilevel promotion company was a start-up company.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are you a Sports Fan – Sachin Karpe?

When we hear Sports and the first few names that come to most of our minds would be a Sachin Tendulkar, a MSD or a Rahul Dravid and many more cricketers. This was the scenario a few years back according to some sports experts in my group at work and among friends. I Sachin Karpe personally love to follow and also have played cricket and football in my school days and can sit for hours watching these matches.

My point being that if I Sachin Karpe ask my friend and others to name a few cricketers the list is never ending, but when the same comes to any other sports it’s a long pause to recollect even the top 2 players of the respective sport. This situation by itself speaks out loud the visibility and reach of the other games among the Indian audience.

Now the question by my friends being why does the common man or the audiences need to know about the players of the respective sport? I explained if I Sachin Karpe was just a stranger to them will they be bothered about my whereabouts. Rather the simpler answer to it if an individual know a well known player it implies that he or she follows the game and is aware about its happenings.

This has changed quite a bit but not in case of all sports as my friends Sachin Karpe is aware of tennis to certain players and few other individuals like Leander Paes, Sania Mirza,  Anand Vishvanathan, Dilip Tirkey, Sunil Chhetri and a few more.

The visibility for other sports personalities in India is changing, but the change is not that drastic to be noticed by all. Today brands are ready to endorse with player other than cricketers and that in itself is a good sign for the Sports in India.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

If The Roads Never Ended

Sachin Karpe a biker by choice and passion, one would fall short of words to express his love for bikes. A close friend and colleague he speaks about bikes and riding as if he is married to them. Today morning Sachin calls me and asks me to take an off from work, to take our bikes for a long ride. He owns a Royal Enfield Machismo 500. The best part about his is that he doesn’t abuse his bike and maintains it well, unlike most who think it’s cool to keep a shabby and unmaintained bike.

Sachin Karpe says that a person who respects his bike is a true bike lover, he might be into stunting and dirt biking but will make sure that this bike is well kept. Riding is more of a passion than hobby to him, he prefers riding to different places a exploring them and most time me and my friends tag along with him. The best part is that he understands the basic mechanics of his bike so doesn’t need to rely on a mechanic always. Knowing your bike is important when you love riding and going for long trips as it helps if the bike breaks down during the journey.

Sachin Karpe and my friends are planning to take a trip down to the highest riding roads in India it’s like a dream for him and more like an adventure to us. He is all set with the research and is also planning talk about his experience via twitter during his maiden voyage to the great roads of Leh Ladakh. We have decided to make this trip after doing a few trips to Goa and other places on our bikes.  The thought of exploring the highest roads in India gives me a great feeling which I can’t express in words, so just wondering what it would mean to my friend Sachin Karpe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

“Evolution of Human Beings to Virtual Beings”

Sachin Karpe says Social Media is a place where everyone has a say no matter even if it is the dumbest thing ever. The times have changed with them the user profile, can’t argue that the virtual space has become more dynamic than ever.

Now to get to the point, today the reasons people come online have changed unlike before it would be to email or chat with friends and relatives or to collect information. Today we go online to tweet or tell our friends what is on our mind or just poke a friend; the reasons are never ending. This is what my friend Sachin Karpe a social media and technology blogger call this the “Evolution of Human Beings to Virtual Beings”. We live with the four walls but we still are socially active, who would have even dreamt of few decades back. The physical evolution is come to a halt it seems, for the human to get virtually evolved and when we are lost in our own world of convenience then physical evolution will play its cards. The dilemma is what would be the end result as my friend  Sachin Karpe says” Humans race might actually start living the virtual life where offline users might be called outlaws” that scary but  interesting or we might just give up on the social networking and actually start networking.

The world is just so funny, today we prefer seeking advice from unknown people on a Q&A forum or social media rather than family and friends. This is quite normal says “Sachin Karpe” as most people won’t be judgmental as they don’t personally know you, so the answers would be based on personal experience and not your past. Easy way to avoid rejection or difference in opinion, but how different is it from asking a complete stranger the way to your own house. This is indeed a twisted world we live in.