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Friday, August 24, 2012

The best way to Travel in Mumbai … Sachin Karpe

The way Sachin Karpe describes Mumbai is by calling it the money mine of India. The city located in state of Maharashtra in the western part of India. The city located at the coast of the Arabian Sea and the financial capital of India.

Mumbai is not just the town and the western suburbs alone, with time it has expanded. Now to get an idea of how big it is, in terms of the local train network it comprises of the Western line, the Central line and the Harbor Line. Sachin Karpe based on his experience says that travelling in Mumbai by roads most times can get hectic and time consuming. It’s not just the pain of travelling far distances but the main reason being the traffic. To give you a gist of it there are close to 50,000 plus taxis and 2 lakh plus auto rickshaws. These are just the number of private public transport vehicles running within the city excluding the cars owned by people the BEST buses and other private transport vehicles.

The now left is the most chosen mode of transport the Mumbai Locals. There has been a never ending argument about the locals if they are the best way of mobility for the residents in Mumbai. The answer to it is “Who cares, but it surely is the fastest way to travel”. Covering a distance of approximately 300 km and 6 million plus travelers daily, not many would debate the point on if it’s the best.

The locals a good deal in terms of time and cost effectiveness, except a few factors like leaving the comfort aspect and the fight to get into them at peak hours and the optimal use of space which we have mastered.  Sachin Karpe emphasis on the point that Mumbai locals to any and everyone from worker to a white collar is no doubts the fastest and the most  reliable moving object in the city of dreams where money and time are valued the most.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sachin Karpe guides us for Network Marketing

Sachin Karpe is involved in Network marketing since 1999 and has vast experience in the same to share with the readers.

There are so many multilevel promotion organizations out there, how do you know which one to join? Well, just like any other company, due persistence on your aspect is necessary in assessing the company. Do not get found up in the pleasure and sentiment of a display, even though that is what they want you to do.
The following are some common suggestions to use when assessing a multilevel promotion company. They are not definite rules; for example, sometimes getting began with a youthful company is value it if it suits all the other suggestions. Sachin Karpe Says, However, I believed it would be beneficial for you to understand some excellent features of the top multilevel promotion organizations so that you can create an knowledgeable choice regarding with which company you would like to begin, proceed, or increase your multilevel promotion profession.

The multilevel promotion company should be in company for at least ten decades. I began with this suggestions first because this is the ideal example of a guide that is not set in stone. There is a certain satisfaction in getting engaged in a company with a excellent monitor record; you know that if you be a aspect of their company, your financial commitment will most likely be a excellent one because they aren't going anywhere soon. I can tell you that one company I am engaged in has been around for 27 decades, so I know they are reliable and I had no concerns getting engaged in their company. I can also tell you that I am engaged in another company that has only been around for two years; however, I am assured they will be one of those organizations that will one day fit this classification, because they meet all of the other suggestions that adhere to says Sachin Karpe. Keep in mind this fact: at one factor, EVERY multilevel promotion company was a start-up company.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are you a Sports Fan – Sachin Karpe?

When we hear Sports and the first few names that come to most of our minds would be a Sachin Tendulkar, a MSD or a Rahul Dravid and many more cricketers. This was the scenario a few years back according to some sports experts in my group at work and among friends. I Sachin Karpe personally love to follow and also have played cricket and football in my school days and can sit for hours watching these matches.

My point being that if I Sachin Karpe ask my friend and others to name a few cricketers the list is never ending, but when the same comes to any other sports it’s a long pause to recollect even the top 2 players of the respective sport. This situation by itself speaks out loud the visibility and reach of the other games among the Indian audience.

Now the question by my friends being why does the common man or the audiences need to know about the players of the respective sport? I explained if I Sachin Karpe was just a stranger to them will they be bothered about my whereabouts. Rather the simpler answer to it if an individual know a well known player it implies that he or she follows the game and is aware about its happenings.

This has changed quite a bit but not in case of all sports as my friends Sachin Karpe is aware of tennis to certain players and few other individuals like Leander Paes, Sania Mirza,  Anand Vishvanathan, Dilip Tirkey, Sunil Chhetri and a few more.

The visibility for other sports personalities in India is changing, but the change is not that drastic to be noticed by all. Today brands are ready to endorse with player other than cricketers and that in itself is a good sign for the Sports in India.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

If The Roads Never Ended

Sachin Karpe a biker by choice and passion, one would fall short of words to express his love for bikes. A close friend and colleague he speaks about bikes and riding as if he is married to them. Today morning Sachin calls me and asks me to take an off from work, to take our bikes for a long ride. He owns a Royal Enfield Machismo 500. The best part about his is that he doesn’t abuse his bike and maintains it well, unlike most who think it’s cool to keep a shabby and unmaintained bike.

Sachin Karpe says that a person who respects his bike is a true bike lover, he might be into stunting and dirt biking but will make sure that this bike is well kept. Riding is more of a passion than hobby to him, he prefers riding to different places a exploring them and most time me and my friends tag along with him. The best part is that he understands the basic mechanics of his bike so doesn’t need to rely on a mechanic always. Knowing your bike is important when you love riding and going for long trips as it helps if the bike breaks down during the journey.

Sachin Karpe and my friends are planning to take a trip down to the highest riding roads in India it’s like a dream for him and more like an adventure to us. He is all set with the research and is also planning talk about his experience via twitter during his maiden voyage to the great roads of Leh Ladakh. We have decided to make this trip after doing a few trips to Goa and other places on our bikes.  The thought of exploring the highest roads in India gives me a great feeling which I can’t express in words, so just wondering what it would mean to my friend Sachin Karpe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

“Evolution of Human Beings to Virtual Beings”

Sachin Karpe says Social Media is a place where everyone has a say no matter even if it is the dumbest thing ever. The times have changed with them the user profile, can’t argue that the virtual space has become more dynamic than ever.

Now to get to the point, today the reasons people come online have changed unlike before it would be to email or chat with friends and relatives or to collect information. Today we go online to tweet or tell our friends what is on our mind or just poke a friend; the reasons are never ending. This is what my friend Sachin Karpe a social media and technology blogger call this the “Evolution of Human Beings to Virtual Beings”. We live with the four walls but we still are socially active, who would have even dreamt of few decades back. The physical evolution is come to a halt it seems, for the human to get virtually evolved and when we are lost in our own world of convenience then physical evolution will play its cards. The dilemma is what would be the end result as my friend  Sachin Karpe says” Humans race might actually start living the virtual life where offline users might be called outlaws” that scary but  interesting or we might just give up on the social networking and actually start networking.

The world is just so funny, today we prefer seeking advice from unknown people on a Q&A forum or social media rather than family and friends. This is quite normal says “Sachin Karpe” as most people won’t be judgmental as they don’t personally know you, so the answers would be based on personal experience and not your past. Easy way to avoid rejection or difference in opinion, but how different is it from asking a complete stranger the way to your own house. This is indeed a twisted world we live in.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sachin Karpe tells the ‘How to’ of Capital Market for novices

Sachin Karpe is a Financial Expert and is a known analyst in the circle.

The Capital Market is one of the three conservative markets in the economic system of a country. Other than this the other two are the currency and insurance market. The currency market provides short-term investible finances; the capital market presents long-term facilities while the insurance market tunes the two to achieve a steady and a strong financial system. Sachin Karpe states that there is no special definition of "short-term" or "long-term" but the customary maturity of long-tem debts is a year and frequently more than five years while short-term debts last for nearly a calendar year. This article leans towards focusing on the overview of the capital markets for novices or those who are planning to start investing.

The Capital Market has two major fragments viz: Primary and Secondary markets.

Primary Market is the market for Initial Public Offer and new matters of securities. New funds are raised in the primary market whether it is IPO or just a new matter.

Secondary market is the section where security holders dispose off their holdings and the earnings from the sales go to the entity and not the business issuers of the securities. In simple terms it is a resale market. And lastly says Sachin Karpe, ‘To work efficiently, markets need a free flow of information. Without which investors cannot keep abreast of progress or estimate, to the best of their ability, the true value of stocks. Numerous sources of information facilitate investors to pursue the fortunes of the market on a daily, hourly, or even minute-by-minute basis’.

Friday, May 11, 2012

All about MBA in India – Sachin Karpe

Sachin Karpe, a renowned educational expert says, ‘MBA is your vehicle to the corporate world’s entrance, but once you are inside, you are one among many fighting for survival, you are on your own’

In a world where science, new inventions and competition to excel over one another is foremost important, we proud ourselves to be a part of our great country but the world has shrunk today to a platform on the basis of higher education. Everyone needs to be ready and knowledgeable enough to contribute towards new ideas and thoughts. Mr. Sachin Karpe says,’ To reap in the benefits of contemporary society and compete with the outside world, it is necessary that young generation get higher education.’ Nowadays, more opportunity of higher education is provided to them at a reasonable price and in all locations so that an overall growth and progress of the complete society takes place.

MBAs can now look at possibilities such as marketing, finance, travel and leisure, medical care and communications among many other areas where an outstanding development has been observed. Since more and more people are going towards MBA, it has reached a point where it churns out so many students per year that there simply aren’t enough jobs to provide. The most common notion that is inspiring today’s youth to go for MBA is that earning it would provide them with the abilities to run large corporations. In a nation where Business leaders come from Middle Class families with basic knowledge in hand, the significance of MBA becomes suspicious. It’s an unsaid understanding that there is no alternative to knowledge. The MBA course provides you with all the company knowledge that one needs before entering the corporate world, but once you are there, you are on your own.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

IPL Marketing Strategy – Simplified by Sachin Karpe

IPL is Indian Premier League. It is a Twenty20 competition that was initiated by BCCI. It is a creation of Lalit Modi. It began 5 years back in 2008 and consists of the players from all over the globe. The best combination of Cricket and Entertainment. It offers a platform for many young people to demonstrate their efficiency and is also profitable to the Promoters and Channels.

When Bollywood and cricket met, the outcome was IPL and it was truly interesting to see a person's preferred cricketer as well the Bollywood celebrity on the same foundation. IPL was beyond a question an interesting concept. Celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan had been a source which offered the glamorous quotient to IPL marketing.

To entice the cricket lovers, even team-owners began selling passes individually. Preity Zinta, the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab sold the passes along with her autograph.

IPL is mostly targeted towards youth. As People are very busy with their day to day work with IPL they get enjoyment along with cricket which allows them to savor every element of the game. People are very receptive of IPL as this is the only event that allows players from different nations together, for which they usually get drawn to see their preferred player perform. Some of the viewers are also drawn to see their preferred superstar rooting for the team.

Fun, Songs, Entertainment & activities, where can you discover that, response for that is IPL. People eagerly wait for this as they get everything in a fantastic package. IPL is also the perfect dais for promotions and endorsement for various Products and Brands.

Survive a Disaster – Sachin Karpe

1. Remain composed
This may be apparent and you already know that you should relax when a natural calamity occurs. Some individuals act in hurry and hurt themselves and others in the process just because they are in anxiety. If you are relaxed and you think in a logical way, you have more possibilities of seeing through the disaster.

2. Shelter
Finding a refuge is a key factor to survival. In situation of a Twister or a tornado and other sorts of powerful wind flow, it is best to discover refuge underground or in basement. In situation of tremors, it is best to discover open areas without many buildings nearby. During floods and Tsunamis, it is best to go to locations with greater elevation, such as mountains.

3. Quick Thinking
Natural Calamities occur easily and you don't have a time to think. You need to think quickly and make the best choices. If you get caught in a building during an earth quake, you don't have a chance to run outside and it is better to discover secure locations in the building, such as under the desk. If there is a risk of overflow, you should switch off all the gas and power equipment.

4. Gather a Group and stay together

You have more possibilities of survival, if you remain together with other individuals. They can help you if you are hurt and protect you if you are immovable.

Different regions have different risks and one needs to know what kind of natural calamities are specific to a particular area.

Sachin Karpe’s Review - "Satyamev Jayate"

Sachin Karpe’s view on Satyamev Jayate, the new series that has created a rage in Social Media and has been received very well by Media and Audience alike.

Upon independence of India, it was adopted as the national maxim of India. It is inscribed in Devanagari script at the base of the national emblem. The emblem has been adapted from the Lion Capital of Asoka which was erected around 250 BC at Sarnath

Upon flexibility of Indian, it was instill as the nationwide slogan of Indian. It is engraved in Devanagari program at the platform of the nationwide symbol. The symbol is an version of the Lion Investment of Asoka which was constructed around 250 BC at Sarnath

This motto is where the show derives its inspiration from and why not. After all it is what we Indians Pride our self to be associated with. Personally, I have to commend Aamir Khan to have ventured into unchartered territory of addressing a Social Cause and present it in such a beautiful way.

After all the promos and trailers that were trailed out, I had expected it to be just another Program that shows our country in poor stead and leaves it at that. But Satyamev Jayate has brought in a whole new concept out there.

Aamir's new show is an indicator that a Celebrity centric show can be instigated without any star spasm and that there is more to press than what is visible.

The pilot episode concentrated on Female Feticide and the issue addressed caught fire on Social media and TV Channels like never before.

Which direction does this show take in future and how will it be able to maintain the attention of its audience is something that I am eagerly looking forward to. Although, I must say, It has earned one loyal follower in me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Indian Realty Market – A Synopsis by Sachin Karpe

The Realty market of India is becoming a hot selling property and is gaining the attention of traders as they are getting large profits and preferred tax treatment on their investment strategies. The residence in India may still be a fragmented industry with high transaction costs and an absence of complete transparency, but it is whetting the appetites of domestic and offshore traders. 

Seeing this current trend one can say that India is going in a right direction and soon more and more people will be coming forward to commit investment in realty sector in India. India is a country that offers a suitable environment providing maximum benefits to the traders. People are more attracted towards India for the residence due to the fact that India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world with good governing system equally supported by strong and transparent legislation. It also provides legal protection for IP rights.

Nowadays, apart from real-estate in India no other business is lucrative and revenue generating. Purchase of properties includes hotels, resorts, hospitals, universities, and housing and commercial premises. The government has reduced the minimum mandatory area to allow FDI in residence industry from to 25 acres .Nowadays more numbers of financial commitment residence are available in the housing market with financial commitment securities. Actual residence financial commitment comprises more revenue and that is the reason why most of the people negotiate the residence contract very quickly. Realty market in India is gaining large investments. Personal value finance players are considering big investment strategies, financial institutions are giving loans to contractors, and banking organizations are sailing residence resources.

The Realty sector in India is gaining large investment strategies. Personal value finance players are considering big investment strategies, financial institutions are giving loans to contractors, and banking organizations are sailing residence resources. With 100 per cent FDI in residence now being allowed, offshore designers are also closely looking at the industry. International traders have been found to show interest.

Property market is spreading its wings in every direction, and lately the developments in the industry have moved to new levels. This kind of rapid growth has increased the realty industry in Indian as well. There is a rise in the entire industrial, residential and commercial tasks thus; growing the number of foreign traders.

Indian organizations, such as HDFC, ICICI Venture and Kotak Mahindra are launching resources to invest in realty market in Gurgaon, Haryana. Most of these resources have been meeting financial commitment bankers, financial institutions and housing organizations in India to get a feel of the industry. The developers are looking to tie up with India companies, while the individual value resources seek to test the industry with small investment strategies in big projects.

Emerging Trends in Indian Capital Market - Sachin Karpe

The Indian Capital Market is more than a century old. Its history goes back to 1875, when 22 companies established the BSE. Over the period, the Indian investments industry has progressed consistently to become one of the most powerful, modern, and effective investments marketplaces in Asian Subcontinent.

The modern times experienced significant changes in the Capital Market industry. It is well known that platform used for Trading has become automatic, electronic, order-driven, nation-wide and screen-based. Screaming and gesticulations have moved aside to usher in clicks and punches. Speed and performance is the feature of the current program. Across the System, varieties of industry individuals conduct business with one another anonymously and at the same time. On any dealing day, more than 10,000 workstation come in existence, in 400 cities and townships; details are exhibited on real-time basis. Equivalent opportunity is provided for all worried to access the details. Visibility is guaranteed in regard of distribution of details, price and huge of the order; but, member’s identification is desired to be invisible to avoid any tendency in reaction. These days, a dealing member need not slog out at the Dalal Road, Mumbai or to any stock exchange building elsewhere; he can simply sit at his computer and perform the transaction.

A buyer, nowadays, need not wait, with his fingers and hands crossed, for a couple weeks or more, for getting surpassed cheques or sharp notices for the sale profits of his investments. The dealing pattern has been shorter to T+2. This reducing of the pattern has been done in a phased manner but in a fast sequence – from T+5 to T+3 to T+2.

Another advancement that brought tremendous comfort to the traders was dematerialization of the scrips. Now almost 99% of the scrips in the marketplace are dematerialized. Almost 100% of the investments are in D-mat form. Difficulty of physical legal care and exchange, boredom of intimating change of address and problems of bad shipping, overdue shipping, non shipping and the threats of forgery and scammers have almost vanished – or shall I say - have been dematerialized! The advantage is cherished but not the price. We should keep in mind the saying – no price, no advantage. There is no free lunchtime in this community. Still, there is no doubting the point that there could be a probability for decrease in the cost; such opportunities are researched.

At the stock marketplaces, safety management systems has been put in position, Value-at-risk margining and visibility boundaries, on-line tracking of margins and positions, Clearing Organization and Agreement Assurance Finance procedure for trade settlement – all these have made Indian Capital Market now probably outstanding, in terms of transparency, performance and safety.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Investment Strategies by Sachin Karpe

Financial commitment class and avenues

Various investment strategies would drop under the category of investment strategies. A search could identify investment strategies in art, jewelry, timepieces, items, collectible items, wine beverages, high-class vehicles, high-class vessels, activities organizations, movie theater, medical research laboratories, technology, projects focused towards social well being and philanthropy, health, history, characteristics and the record is endless.

Not just returns

The first-rate objective behind most investment strategies is not just come back. While factors such as danger and come back do play a role in the commitment, the primary determining factor is often the investor’s personal preference for possession and contribution in the resource itself.. Perhaps surprisingly though, there is also the aspect of trying to meet up with wishes that have not been a reality so far or trying to live the experience through some sort of contribution. This is mostly true in situations where billionaire traders spend a lot of money on having activities organizations. It could merely be a captivation for the game or it could also be that they were not able to engage in the game in their time and hence obtain a sense of contribution and fulfillment from having a club.

Investment assortment

Investment strategies drop under the wide type of alternate resources. The experience such investment strategies have to be kept restricted and should preferably be around 10% to 15% of total collection value. A lot of such resources such as art, wine beverages, collectible items etc have shown a reasonable amount of negative connection to conventional resources such as ties or shares. Such resources therefore are ideal to broaden a person's collection. In times of financial concern, bad information is often best part about it for enthusiasts and suppliers. Therefore when common investment strategies are down and when the forex market seems nervous, art, wine beverages, and superb can be great investment strategies.
Low investment makes in conventional resource sessions and industry movements are causing traders to look elsewhere for investment possibilities. Investments strategies which generate a reasonable long-term come back and provide pleasure are becoming popular. The Capgemini and Merrill Lynch World Success Review 2010 discovered that high-net-worth people are coming back to  investment as ‘investor-collectors’, looking for out those items that are recognized to have tangible long-term value. According to the report, the two categories discovered to be the most eye-catching were art and ‘other collectibles’ such as money, items or bottles of wine.

Current situation in India

With growing non reusable earnings, more and more HNIs are transforming to investment strategies to broaden their collection and satisfy their desire for the small items in life. The above report declares that Indians spend the most in jewelry, gemstones and timepieces followed by art and high-class collectible items perhaps surprisingly; Indian HNIs mostly control their investment strategies to tangible resources. ‘Silver in the form of jewelry cafes and money or high-class buys is a preferred road. The fact that gold prices have run up considerably because of the concern in the international financial crisis has assisted such traders.’ says 

Sachin Karpe, Financial Analyst.

 In addition silver being a fluid resource which can act as security against blowing up and forex danger has stimulated a restored hurry for the steel.
Along with the above mentioned investment strategies, there is also an improving pattern of traders coming together to engage in investment strategies in areas of their personal preference or skills. Groups of private many composed of people who take a eager in particular areas and are willing to back driven start ups have been growing in various places in the nation.

What influences Working Capital Management? - Sachin Karpe

Applying an effective funds control system is an excellent way for many companies to improve their returns. Funds management ensures a company has sufficient proceeds to meet its short-term debt debts and operating expenses.

Working Capital Management

Organizations are generally targeted on money, accounts due and supply cycle concerns. On the hand, external concerns like the legal and company environment, or inner systems like organization structure, computer, can significantly affect operating investment.

Owing to promote requirements, companies are led to paying a lot of attention to producing excellent monthly outcomes one fourth after one fourth. Excessive focus on this may sometimes produce a complementing but incorrect overview of operating investment efficiency. This also happens in companies that have a noticeable seasonality of functions with operating investment specifications different widely from one fourth to one fourth.

Measures to Increase Working Capital Management:

The substance of efficient operating investment control is proper income predicting. This should take into account the effect of surprising activities, industry periods, loss of a prime client and actions by competitors. The effect of surprising requirements of operating investment should be considered.

It will pay to have concurrent plans to hold over surprising activities. While market-leaders can manage concern better, even other companies must have risk-management techniques. These must be based on objective and genuine perspective of the role of operating investment.

Addressing the issue of operating investment on a corporate-wide basis has certain advantages. Cash generated at one location can well be utilized at another. For this to happen, details access, efficient banking programs, excellent linkages between development and payments, inner techniques to move money and excellent treasury methods should be in place.

A modern approach, mixing functional and economical skills and an all-encompassing perspective of the organization's functions will help in determining and applying strategies that generate short-term money. This can be carried out by having the right set of professionals who are responsible for setting objectives and efficiency stages. They are then attributed for providing, motivated to be determined and to act as change agents.

Effective challenge control techniques in regards to clients will go along way in releasing up money otherwise stuck due to arguments. It will also improve client support and free up time for genuine activities like sales, order entry and money collection. Overall, efficiency will increase due to reduced operating costs.

Collaborating with your clients instead of being targeted only on own functions will also generate great outcomes. If feasible, helping them to plan their stock specifications efficiently to match your development with their consumption will help reduce stock stages. This can be done with providers also.

Providing further insight on the same, Sachin Karpe (An expert in Capital Management) says, “Working investment control is an essential measuring stick to measure a company functional and economical efficiency. This aspect must form part of the organization's ideal and functional thinking. Initiatives should constantly be made to boost the significant investment position. This will generate greater productivity and improve client support.”