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Friday, May 11, 2012

All about MBA in India – Sachin Karpe

Sachin Karpe, a renowned educational expert says, ‘MBA is your vehicle to the corporate world’s entrance, but once you are inside, you are one among many fighting for survival, you are on your own’

In a world where science, new inventions and competition to excel over one another is foremost important, we proud ourselves to be a part of our great country but the world has shrunk today to a platform on the basis of higher education. Everyone needs to be ready and knowledgeable enough to contribute towards new ideas and thoughts. Mr. Sachin Karpe says,’ To reap in the benefits of contemporary society and compete with the outside world, it is necessary that young generation get higher education.’ Nowadays, more opportunity of higher education is provided to them at a reasonable price and in all locations so that an overall growth and progress of the complete society takes place.

MBAs can now look at possibilities such as marketing, finance, travel and leisure, medical care and communications among many other areas where an outstanding development has been observed. Since more and more people are going towards MBA, it has reached a point where it churns out so many students per year that there simply aren’t enough jobs to provide. The most common notion that is inspiring today’s youth to go for MBA is that earning it would provide them with the abilities to run large corporations. In a nation where Business leaders come from Middle Class families with basic knowledge in hand, the significance of MBA becomes suspicious. It’s an unsaid understanding that there is no alternative to knowledge. The MBA course provides you with all the company knowledge that one needs before entering the corporate world, but once you are there, you are on your own.


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