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Friday, August 24, 2012

The best way to Travel in Mumbai … Sachin Karpe

The way Sachin Karpe describes Mumbai is by calling it the money mine of India. The city located in state of Maharashtra in the western part of India. The city located at the coast of the Arabian Sea and the financial capital of India.

Mumbai is not just the town and the western suburbs alone, with time it has expanded. Now to get an idea of how big it is, in terms of the local train network it comprises of the Western line, the Central line and the Harbor Line. Sachin Karpe based on his experience says that travelling in Mumbai by roads most times can get hectic and time consuming. It’s not just the pain of travelling far distances but the main reason being the traffic. To give you a gist of it there are close to 50,000 plus taxis and 2 lakh plus auto rickshaws. These are just the number of private public transport vehicles running within the city excluding the cars owned by people the BEST buses and other private transport vehicles.

The now left is the most chosen mode of transport the Mumbai Locals. There has been a never ending argument about the locals if they are the best way of mobility for the residents in Mumbai. The answer to it is “Who cares, but it surely is the fastest way to travel”. Covering a distance of approximately 300 km and 6 million plus travelers daily, not many would debate the point on if it’s the best.

The locals a good deal in terms of time and cost effectiveness, except a few factors like leaving the comfort aspect and the fight to get into them at peak hours and the optimal use of space which we have mastered.  Sachin Karpe emphasis on the point that Mumbai locals to any and everyone from worker to a white collar is no doubts the fastest and the most  reliable moving object in the city of dreams where money and time are valued the most.